Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why take a course at The Language Studio vs. at a local college?
A: Unlike a college course, our classes are custom-designed with your business in mind. We develop courses around specific vocabulary and expressions you provide, allowing you and/or your employees to communicate in YOUR place of business, with YOUR employees, and with YOUR customers. It is a truly unique learning experience.

Q: Why take a course at The Language Studio when I can use a language app?
A: The Language Studio of Southwest Florida believes that language learners should have the opportunity to practice the language in real-time and receive immediate feedback. While we encourage and support language apps, these are considered tools for language learning and rarely offer opportunities for hands-on, engaged learning.

Q: How long is each onsite course?
A: Our classes are 14 weeks long, two days per week,  one and a half hours per session.

Q: Do I need to purchase a book or other materials?
A: All learning materials are included in the price of customized Spanish courses. A textbook purchase is required for ESL courses.

Q: When are courses held?
A: The Language Studio of Southwest Florida can provide day or evening classes, based on scheduling availability.

Q: Are Spanish classes taught completely in Spanish?
A: Classes are taught primarily in the target language, with few exceptions throughout each module.

Q: I am currently taking a Spanish course and need help. Do you offer tutoring?
A: The Language Studio of Southwest Florida does not offer language tutoring sessions at this time.

Q: I am writing an academic paper for a Spanish course. Can you translate this?
A: The Language Studio of Southwest Florida is committed to academic honesty and integrity. We do not engage in translations of term or academic papers.

Q: I have a business or manage a corporation. Can I reserve a course session for all my employees?
A: You may reserve a learning session at your location for a group of 5-20 students. Contact us directly to schedule a presentation of our services.

Q: I am a business owner/corporate manager. Can Spanish classes be tailored to our business’ specific needs?
A: The Language Studio of Southwest Florida is committed to our business partners and their needs. Classes are brought directly to your site and tailored to your business needs and/or industry. Please contact us directly to set up a no-cost consultation for this service.

Q: Do you offer English as a Second Language (ESL) courses?
A: Yes. The Language Studio of Southwest Florida offers customized ESL courses at your business location. Call us directly to schedule a presentation of our services for pricing information .

Q: Do you offer instruction in any language besides Spanish and English?
A: The Language Studio of Southwest Florida only offers Spanish and ESL courses.

Q: My client requires a legal interpreter. How can I secure one?

A:  Legal interpretation services must be scheduled by telephone or via email, in advance. A minimum three-day notice is required for scheduled hearings. Last minute requests may be honored, barring availability, at a higher cost. Notice to The Language Studio does not guarantee that services will be provided; only confirmed appointments will be honored.  The Language Studio is a vendor of legal interpretation services for the 12th Circuit Court of Florida.  We are unable to schedule clients if they are being serviced through the State, by our legal interpreter.

All payments for interpreting services are made ahead of time. In cases where the interpreter is utilized for longer than two hours on a given day, payment for excess services will be made onsite.

Have a question that wasn’t answered? Please contact us for more information.