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September 21, 2018
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Reaching the Untapped Hispanic Market

Over 55 million people in the United States are Spanish-speakers, making the U.S. the second-largest Spanish-speaking country, after Mexico. Hispanic consumers represent $1.5 trillion in purchasing power and with such a high market share to target, it’s time to ask yourself: has your business, organization, or non-profit begun its localized marketing campaign? If the answer no, and you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Our tip number 1 is to begin by ensuring your digital properties are available in English and in Spanish.  Prioritize the following: web pages, mobile sites, catalogs, apps, SEO, pay per click, and social media content. Your content should not be merely translated but rather transcreated. Different from translation, transcreation combines the original creative components of your English-language digital properties with culturally and linguistically appropriate and relevant components that conveys the original message. Seventy-five percent of non-native English speakers will not buy from an English only platform. Will they be buying from you?


10 Best Practices for Marketing to Hispanic Consumers